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About HappiNest

Established in 2019, HappiNest is a premium egg brand aimed at making nutrient-rich, high-quality & fresh eggs accessible to customers at affordable prices. Sustainability is at the core of our business vision. Hence, our birds are raised in a large, conducive, temperature-controlled home to help them stay happy & stress free so that they lay inherently nutritious & healthy eggs.

We take all necessary steps to minimize wastage and upcycle litter and other organic waste to produce biofuel, thus committing ourselves to sustainable practices and ethical farming of the eggs.

Our Story - A Sustainable Model Farm

We, at HappiNest, operate with the vision of overall sustainability at its core. The journey of HappiNest started with overcoming one of the biggest challenges of aiding to reduce the shortage of egg supply in Uttar Pradesh by building a state of art farm in our hometown.

While parts of Punjab, Harayana, etc., are more favourable for poultry farming, UP has extreme weather conditions making it unsuitable for commercial and scalable poultry farming. We conducted an in-depth research on various farming models in India and outside. We found the ideal solution in a temperature-controlled house for the birds to keep them happy and stress free.

With the main model in place, we worked diligently to come up with creative solutions on 3 key aspects of sustainability namely, Environmental, Social, and Economical. It included minimizing farm residue, efficient waste management, using sedimentation silos & other technology to produce bio-fuel and organic manure from bird litter, inspiring the local farm communities to adopt self-sustainable practices.

Highlights Of
Our Model Farm

Compassionate care to hens

An EC house for the birds to live in, finest quality of layer feed for the birds and ethical bird raising practices are at the core of our process.

Aid to local community

We believe in community building. The excess of organic manure is distributed for free and the bio-fuel at fair prices to the neighbouring farms. Through our sustainable model, we also set an example & motivate them to adopt better and more environmentally & socially sustainable practices.

Transforming waste to fuel

All the biodegradable hen litter and excreta generated at the farm is converted into biofuel & organic manure using sedimentation & decomposition techniques.

2X efficient generation of electricity

Our poultry farm is powered by our biofuel-generated electricity, minimizing our use of non-renewable energy resources, thus helping us reduce our carbon footprints. It also reduces our fuel costs, helping us make the model economical also.

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Team Members

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Faisal Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Azhar Siddiqui

Head - Sales, Marketing & Communication

Mohd. Amir Khan

Farm & Commercial Manager

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