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Eggs that are fresh
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Nutrient-rich, Antibiotic-Free Eggs. A healthier choice for a happier you.

Sustainable and Ethically Farmed

Shed powered by biogas- generated electricity, stress-free birds, healthy eggs.

Freshness Guaranteed

Discover the Unrivaled Taste Experience with Happinest.

Packaged within 8 hrs of laying

Our eggs are packed within 8 hours of laying, ensuring unmatched quality and taste.

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Protecting the environment
is the cornerstone of our brand values
We, at Happinest, practice sustainable and ethical farming by harnessing bird litter in a state-of-the-art setup to produce biogas. This biogas is used to generate electricity that powers our automated sheds, reducing our reliance on electricity provided by state electricity board which is produced by burning coal, and thus, minimizing air pollution. By converting bird litter into biogas, we also ensure proper waste management, water conservation and minimizing land pollution. The residual slurry from biogas production is sold to local farmers as organic manure in both dried and liquid form, supporting sustainable agricultural practices.
What people have to say about us-
Happinest is one of the few farms in India which uses no antibiotics in feed formulation. This is very important for consumers because the use of antibiotics in feed develops antibiotic resistance in humans while consuming such eggs
In my over 40 years of experience in poultry, I can easily say that Happinest's farm is a class apart in terms of best practices, technology, biosecurity and hygiene.
Happinest's commitment to ethical practices in raising poultry not only promotes the well being of the birds but also contributes to the production of healthier eggs, enriched with essential nutrients.
Committed to bring the finest, tastiest natural eggs for generations to come
Your food,
your way
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Some questions you may still have
At Happinest, we pride ourselves on delivering eggs that exceed expectations. Our birds thrive in ambient, environment-controlled sheds, ensuring their well-being and the quality of our eggs. With a focus on natural goodness, our eggs are antibiotic-free, allowing you to enjoy a healthier option. Packed within 8 hours of laying, our eggs retain optimal moisture, resulting in a taste that surpasses ordinary eggs.
Stress-free birds are birds that enjoy a content life in controlled environments, nourished with premium feed. At Happinest, stress-free birds are at the heart of our commitment to quality and ethical practices. Our chickens reside in environment-controlled sheds, where an ambient environment ensures their happiness and well-being. We go the extra mile by providing them with high-quality, nutritious feed, meticulously crafted in our very own feed mill. A stress-free life for our hens is crucial as it leads to healthier and tastier eggs, packed with natural goodness. We firmly believe that happy hens lay the foundation for our naturally delicious and nutritious eggs that you can enjoy with every bite.
Opting for antibiotic-free eggs is a wise choice for your health and well-being. Unlike many poultry farms that use artificial antibiotics to prevent infections, at Happinest, our birds enjoy a stress-free life in completely automated and environment-controlled sheds. This environment minimizes the risk of infections, allowing us to provide you with antibiotic-free eggs.
Consuming eggs without traces of antibiotics is essential as continuous exposure to antibiotics in our food can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance in our bodies. This resistance may render antibiotic medicines ineffective when we truly need them, posing a potential threat to our health. By choosing antibiotic-free eggs, you make a positive impact on your health and contribute to a healthier and sustainable future.
Sustainability and ethical farming are at the core of our values. One of our significant sustainable initiatives involves the responsible management of bird litter. We collect bird litter and utilize a state-of-the-art setup to ferment it, producing biogas. This biogas, in turn, is used to generate electricity that powers our environment-controlled sheds, reducing our dependence on electricity provided by the state electricity board which is produced by burning coal, which contributes to air pollution. By harnessing biogas, we actively contribute to cleaner energy practices, minimizing our carbon footprint. Moreover, this process ensures proper waste management, and minimizes land pollution. The residual slurry left after biogas production is not discarded; instead, we recycle it as both dried and liquid organic manure. We sell this nutrient-rich organic manure to local farmers, supporting sustainable agricultural practices and helping them keep their produce healthy and bountiful.
You can find Happinest Eggs at various convenient locations, including major superstore chains like Spencer's, More Retail, Metro, and Lulu Mall. Additionally, you can also discover our eggs at your nearby daily stores and several reputable e-commerce platforms. We are continuously working to expand our presence and distribution network, making it even easier for you to enjoy our high-quality and tasty eggs.
Eggs themselves aren't classified as strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but rather as ovo-vegetarian. Our range of healthy and tasty eggs are guaranteed no hatch. These are infertile eggs, which means they haven't been fertilized by a rooster. Due to the absence of fertilization, these eggs hold no potential for chick development. So, you can savour our delicious eggs guilt-free, knowing that you're enjoying a cruelty-free option that's also incredibly nutritious.
Owning our very own poultry farm is a game-changer for us, and here's why it matters -
Quality Assurance: Having our own farm allows us to maintain rigorous quality control at every step. From the cozy nests for our hens to the carefully monitored feeding regimen, we ensure that every egg you crack open is bursting with both deliciousness and nutrition.
Custom Value Addition: With our farm in our hands, we have the power to craft the perfect diet for our feathered friends. We introduce high-quality, nutritious elements to their diet, enriching their eggs and ensuring preservation of essential nutrients that benefit you. So, every time you savour a Happinest egg, you're getting a wholesome dose of goodness.
Guaranteed Freshness: Fresher than fresh – that's our promise to you. Our farm-to-table approach means that our eggs are packed within a mere 8 hours of being laid. Unlike other brands that rely on sourcing eggs from various farms and acting as intermediaries, by having our own farm, we have direct control over the entire process and we know exactly where our eggs come from and how they've been handled every step of the way, and thus, we can ensure the freshness of the eggs as we know exactly when were they laid.
Yes, it is safe to eat eggs during the summer months. Numerous studies and research suggest that consuming 1-2 eggs per day in warmer weather is not only safe but also beneficial for your health as eggs are a rich source of essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Studies also indicate that many Indians are deficient in protein, thus eating eggs can help them fulfill their daily protein requirements since eggs are an affordable as well as an easily accessible source of protein available round the year.