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Raising stress-free, happy hens that lay inherently nutritious eggs

About HappiNest

Established in 2019, HappiNest is a premium egg brand aimed at making nutrient-rich, high-quality & fresh eggs accessible to customers at affordable prices. Sustainability is at the core of our business vision. Hence, our birds are raised in a large, conducive, temperature-controlled home to help them stay happy & stress free so that they lay inherently nutritious & healthy eggs.

We take all necessary steps to minimize wastage and upcycle litter and other organic waste to produce biofuel, thus committing ourselves to sustainable practices and ethical farming of the eggs.

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Our Products

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Why HappiNest

Own farms & Assured quality

We have built a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled house with vast capacity to give hens a favourable living environment

Rich in nutrients

Happy hens lay healthier eggs. Simple! The favourable conditions allows them to be stress free and happy, making the eggs they lay inherently rich in nutrients.

Natural & antibiotic-free

The hygiene of the shed is ensured at all times and we have automated systems to reduce manual intervention and curb diseases and infections in hens. In case we need to use, we prefer herbal medicine to maintain the quality of the eggs.

Ethically farmed

A proper waste disposal system and reuse of bird litter to create biofuel and manure, helps HappiNest reduce its carbon footprint on the world. We are committed towardsenvironmental, economical, and social sustainability of our business.

Packed within 8 hours of laying

We have built a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled house with vast capacity to give hens a favourable living environment

Our Happy “Nest” Work

HappiNest have a strong foothold across most cities in Uttar Pradesh where we have collaborated with 50+ renowned egg wholesalers including the popular ones.

U.P. being our primary market, we have also facilitated bulk deliveries in Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharastra, and we are steadily expanding to regularly deliver to varied cities in other states.

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What Our
Customer sat about us

“Best quality eggs in the area, no
complaints from the customer”
Praveen Gulati,
Gulati Egg Store
“Consistent nice yellow colored yolk eggs. Their eggs are always in demand”
Mohd Gufran
Gufran Egg Store
“No segregation is needed in their eggs because of the fresh and uniform quality”

What Industry Experts
Have To Say?

Dr. A.U. Qidwai

MVSc, Poultry consultant & Ex-Joint Director Poultry Govt of Uttar Pradesh

I have been consulting HappiNest farm from the first day of their business. In my over 40 years experience in poultry, I can easily say that their farm is class apart in terms of best practices, technology, bio-security, hygiene. The management team is very professional leading to a positive growth.

Dr. V. R. Kulkarni

Veterinary Nutritionist & MD, VRK Nutritional Solutions

HappiNest is one of the few farms in India which uses no antibiotics in Feed formulation. This is very important for consumers because the use of antibiotics in feed develops antibiotic resistance in humans while consuming such eggs. I have been formulating Feed for them which includes only pesticides free and herbal ingredients.

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