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Established in 2019, HappiNest is a premium egg brand aimed at making nutrient-rich, high-quality fresh eggs, accessible to our customers at lucrative prices. Sustainability being the core of our business, our birds fed herbal feeds & are raised in a large, conducive, temperature-controlled home to help them stay healthy, happy & stress free

We take all necessary steps to minimize wastage and upcycle litter and other organic waste to produce biofuel, thus committing ourselves to sustainable practices and ethical farming of the eggs.

What Sets Us Apart?

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The team of HappiNest focus on the three major aspects that are environmental, social, and economical. We work hard to help our hens get the right environment where they can thrive. Our birds are given a temperature-controlled environment where they can remain stress-free and healthy. When hens are healthy, they lay healthy eggs. Being the best poultry farm, we strive hard to supply the best-quality eggs through organic egg poultry farming.

Sustainability Pillars

HappiNest layer poultry farm operates on three main pillars that include:


Harmful chemical options are replaced by bio-fertilizers which, in turn, prevent the cutting of trees for the production of charcoal.


Generation of electricity is done free of cost with Biogas. In addition, the sale of by-products improves profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Happinest create smarter processes that generate less waste, reduce water usage and increase our use of carbon-free and renewable power. We help the local farmers by providing them excellent quality fertilizers and take care of our hens the best way so we can provide the best quality eggs to families.The remaining Biogas is distributed in the nearby village for cooking.

Why HappiNest?

Own farms & Assured quality

Own farms & Assured quality

Our poultry farm egg production takes place in the state of the art farms equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The favorable temperature given to hens ensures high-quality cooking ends at the end.

Rich in nutrients

Rich in nutrients

Our local farms offer a stress-free environment to the hens that improve their health and keeps them happy. When hens are healthier, they lay nutrient-rich eggs.

Natural & antibiotic-free

Natural & antibiotic-free

At HappiNest, we believe in keeping things natural and focus on organic egg poultry farming. Instead of using chemical products, we prefer herbal medicines to enhance egg quality.

Ethically farmed

Ethically farmed

Our chicken eggs business focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of the world. For this reason, we choose a proper waste disposal system as well as reuse the bird's litter for the creation of manure and biofuel.

Packed within 8 hours of laying

Packed within 8 hours of laying

Our experienced staff uses modern technology to pack healthy eggs within 8 hours. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get the most nutritious eggs delivered right to your doorstep.

What Industry Experts Have To Say?

Dr. A.U. Qidwai

MVSc, Poultry consultant & Ex-Joint Director Poultry Govt of Uttar Pradesh

I have been consulting HappiNest farm from the first day of their business. In my over 40 years experience in poultry, I can easily say that their farm is class apart in terms of best practices, technology, bio-security, hygiene. The management team is very professional leading to a positive growth.

Dr. V. R. Kulkarni

Veterinary Nutritionist & MD, VRK Nutritional Solutions

HappiNest is one of the few farms in India which uses no antibiotics in Feed formulation. This is very important for consumers because the use of antibiotics in feed develops antibiotic resistance in humans while consuming such eggs. I have been formulating Feed for them which includes only pesticides free and herbal ingredients.

Our Happy “Nest” Work​

HappiNest is proudly serving the major cities of Uttar Pradesh with top-quality eggs. We’re counted among the top egg producers and suppliers in Uttar Pradesh who have collaborated with more than 50 renowned and trustworthy wholesalers. Some of our partnered wholesalers include Gulati Egg Store, Gufran Egg store, Lucknow Egg Center, Quality Egg store, Bari Egg store & Fresh.

Egg Store, amongst many others.

Besides Uttar Pradesh, HappiNest supplies eggs to most of the major states, including Bihar, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and lots more.

A Sustainable

Model Farm


Gone are the days when the people of Uttar Pradesh have to struggle with egg production. HappiNest, the best egg producer and supplier in Uttar Pradesh, has found the ideal temperature that keeps the birds relaxed and happy. We believe that happy birds produce healthy eggs. And this is why the premium egg brand HappiNest aims to relentlessly work and enhance the egg supply in Uttar Pradesh and beyond.


The best part about the HappiNest egg layering business is that we work on three main pillars of sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions and keep the world healthy, along with keeping our clients by delivering eggs that meet the global standards of quality.

Highlights of Our Farm Model

Compassionate care to hens

We care about our hens because we believe that the only way to produce quality eggs is by caring for hens and keeping them happy. Our free-range farming follows a range of industry guidelines to ensure the hens are safe; eggs are processed, stored, and transported safely.

Transforming waste to fuel

To reduce the impact of waste on the world, we focus on transforming the waste into fuel through world-class technologies. We use modern sedimentation and decomposition techniques to convert hen litter and excreta into biofuel.

Natural & antibiotic-free

2X efficient generation of electricity

Our farming and poultry are based on biofuel, and this helps us to reduce the dependency on non-renewable fuels. In addition, we eliminate the overhead fuel costs, leading to profits and economical business.

Aid to local community

Our sustainable model focuses on aiding the local community by providing them with excess biofuel at cheap rates. All the excess organic matter is distributed freely among the neighboring farms to motivate them to adopt sustainable practices.

Available Services

Best Service to You is What We Aim.

Affordable Quality Products

At Happinest, we provide high-quality eggs at affordable rates, and this marks us as among the best egg producers in the country.

Widely Available Throughout States

No matter where you live, our quality products like hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs,, and cooking eggs are online throughout the states.

Return/Refund Process Made Easy

Our poultry farm believes in offering top-notch products with an easy return/refund process. Need a refund? Contact us; as simple as that!


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